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Are You Still Insecure of Getting Spammed?

Whether you’re at work or at home, spammers cause headaches and wastes time, forcing you to trawl
through your inbox to work out which mail is legitimate and which is spam. It is annoying, time-
consuming, and can often be dangerous. Even a web crawler, spider, or search engine bot can do a lot of
spamming by downloading content from all over the Internet.


Recognizing that a message is SPAM can be quite difficult for some. That is why many software and
hardware manufacturers offer services to prevent and protect against this. Spams can come in various
forms. Some of them are:-

  • Messages from a sender you don’t know or who you didn’t share your personal contact information with.
  • Emails that you did not expect to receive, especially with subjects unrelated to your interests.
  • Calls from banks asking for OTP or another banking password.
  • Sensational stories that ask to be shared, like conspiracy theories.
  • Newsletter of a website you have never visited.
  • Messages with links for you to click in if you want to win a gift.


When you add your private and social links to online sites you might face a lot of problems regarding
Don’t worry! MEAU won’t let you deal with this. In MEAU you can add any link you want and can set
them as public, private, and protected. What MEAU does is it does not let any user access your
protected and private links unless you provide them access to view those links. MEAU has a feature of
grant access where you can give access to certain users of your choice to your private links and
protected links. You can either grant them access by accepting their request or providing them access by

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