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Digital business card vs face to face

Face to face

Paper cards are easy to share when networking with people face-to-face. Face to face business cards is a great way to establish a personal connection – to build strong, meaningful relationships. These are an excellent way to grab a person’s attention, expose your brand, and make great first impressions.

Now let’s take a look at why a Digital business card is the best option to choose.

Digital Business card Vs Face to Face

Digital business cards

• Digital business cards can be easily shared, stored, and searched on a single platform.
• A digital business card reduce or remove the need for printed cards.
• Digital business cards can automatically update people in your network about the changes in
business contact information.
• All business cards can be processed into a searchable box that can be accessed anywhere and

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• Business information of people in a network is held in one place.
• It is comparatively cheaper if not inexpensive in comparison to printed business cards.
• Helps in keeping communication clean.
• It is unlimited by nature and one can never run out of personal business cards.
• It is simpler to find people as and when the need arises.
• Digital business cards can be easily shared with anyone irrespective of time and availability.

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