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Why Create a Digital Business Card in 2021?

A business card is considered one of the best tools for offline marketing. But are these business cards still that effective? As we know, we are in a digital era. So to survive in this modern world, you will have to update yourself, or else it will be tough for you to outlive in the market.

Did you know? According to the research held in 2017, almost ten billion business cards were printed. Out of this 88%, of the cards were thrown on the first week itself. Also was found that the average weight of a Business Card is 2.5g, so the ten billion business cards are almost 26,000,000Kg. We hope now you might have got an idea how much paper is spent on printing business cards every year.

A normal business card
A Normal Business Card

From the above information, one can clearly understand printing a Business Card is just a waste of paper and money. Now you might have got a question that what should you do? In this Digital Era, if you want the best result, then a Digital Presence is the solution to your problem.

What Is a Digital Business Card?

A Digital Business card is a modern era tool that gives an easy way to share information about you and your business. Digital Business Cards allows you to share information about you and your company all in one link. It also provides you an online presence that helps your clients to contact you. It also has a Bio column that helps your client know more about you.

Digital Business Card gives you a handful of features with just a few clicks, and most importantly, without any expense. You can find many platforms to create free Digital Business Cards.

Why Do We Need a Digital Business Card?

  1. Step Toward Paperless Nation – It is meaningless to print a business card that hardly brings you a client. It is just a waste of money and paper, so you should take a step to go paperless.
  1. Easy To Have – You don’t have to hire graphic designers to build a Business Card, neither you have to reprint it every time you make a change in your business card.
  1. Privacy – You can choose which client to see what amount of your data. It will give complete safety to all your personal information.
  1. Overall Summary – When you will use a platform to create a Digital Business Card, it will give you a complete insight. You can see the number of people who viewed your Business Card, the number of Shares, and everything.
  1. Showcase your skills – In it, you can mention your skills, certificates, share your past works, and many more. Stating these pieces of information will surely give you an extra advantage over others.
  1. Easy Access for Other – Most important of all people, can contact you without much difficulty. By having a Digital Business Card, you are just a few clicks far from people wanting your service.

We are sure you can never get these facilities in the paper form of Business Cards. We live in a period where every person has a smartphone , so why not take advantage of that and switch to a Digital Business Card and take advantage of all the facilities.

Advantages Of Having a Digital Business Card

MEAU.in provides you an online platform to create your own Digital Business Card without any cost, you will require 5 minutes to build your Business card and nothing else, and then you get numbers of advantages some are –

  1. Online Presence – Creating your online presence in 5 minutes, its the easiest thing we guess you will ever do. All you need to do is visit meau.in click to sign up, then submit your details and your Business Card is ready.
  1. Enhance Accessibility – Having a Digital Business card will help your client connect to you within a moment and, also they will have a better idea and knowledge about you.
  1. Interaction Get’s Easier – Clients will no longer have to search for your phone number then call, and contacting through phone call sometimes may be difficult due to network issues.
  1. Reach To a Wider Audience – Sharing your digital card link on your social media platforms, will give you a wide range of audiences. As people in your social media accounts can effortlessly contact you just by clicking the link in your profile.
  1. Showcase Your Skills/Achievements – You can easily add all your skills, achievements, past work experience, and everything you want to show your client.

There are many more advantages you should know. But it is better for you to feel the benefits of having a Digital Business Card than reading it here. Visit MEAU.in and find the rest by yourself.


Having a Digital Business Card is much more affordable and useful as well. It also creates a great first impression for you. MEAU.in will not only save your money and time but also will help in creating a paperless Nation.

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