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How to make a portfolio online free

A great amount of time and work goes into developing skills. After everything you do to master your field, it is of no use if you cannot showcase them properly. A portfolio is your professional identity, especially for freelancers. Thus it is very important to create a portfolio that is a reflection of your personality and caliber.

Ways To Make Impressive Portfolio

Here You Can Make an Impressive PortfolioMeau – Digital Business Docket

  • Treat your portfolio as a project!

When you create your own portfolio, you get the opportunity to demonstrate to potential clients and employers what kind of work you can do, and your portfolio itself is a project you can use to showcase your skills. If you’re a web designer or developer, code up your site from scratch! If you’re an illustrator, draw fancy icons for your site. Or if you’re a graphic designer, brand your website in your signature style. If you’re a content marketer, write killer copy for your portfolio.

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  • A portfolio isn’t just a collection of all your past projects.

To show what you can do to make the client’s/employer’s life easier, instead of saying what you do, say what you can do for them. So if you’re a content marketer, rather than saying that you write epic sales copy, say that you can triple their email open rates and double their conversions, for example. Spell out the exact type of work you like to do; what kind of clients or companies you’d like to work for. For example, if you’re a web designer who wants to build personal websites for artists, say so!

  • Talk about your education

Showcasing your education is a great way to fill in any gaps in your portfolio, especially if you just learned new skills. Say you went to school for art and sold paintings on your Etsy shop. Now, you’ve just learned how to build websites from scratch, and you’re looking to start a new career. This is a great place to showcase the training you’ve done to acquire your new skills. It will give visitors more confidence in your abilities while you work on adding more projects.

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