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Let’s Go Green Before The Pandemic Wipes Us Clean

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” –Guy Kawasaki

With this motto, we have come up with our startup following the idea of going sustainable. Sustainability preaches that humans should form harmonic relationships with the natural environment. By doing so, Earth’s natural resources and ecosystems shall be preserved, thereby sustaining and meeting the needs of future generations.

Each individual can do his/her part in ensuring that this mission is sustainable. Where on one hand there is huge destruction of forest and greenery all around the globe MEAU has thought or cutting off the use of paper and going all digital.

We might think that the COVID-19 pandemic has been “good for the environment”—that nature is recovering while humanity stays at home— appeals to many people grasping for some upside to the global tragedy. The reality, though, may not cooperate with such hopes. Some experts fear that the world risks a future with more traffic, more pollution, and climate change that worsens faster than ever.

Apart from the pandemic, there has also been a lot of destruction to the forests around the world. In Brazil, illegal loggers have accelerated their destruction of the Amazon rainforest while the coronavirus ravages the nation. The Amazon, including its indigenous population, is among the worst hit by COVID- 19 in a country that has become a global epicenter for the disease. According to a study, only Only one- a fifth of the Earth’s original forests remain pristine and undisturbed.


Due to the pandemic, everything from shopping to transfer of money is going digital. People like to maintain very little contact with other humans around them. Since everything is moving from online to offline we shall also change the way of sharing contact information. Instead of sharing information through business cards and visiting cards we can share our contact information through digital business cards. This will help you to share your information without coming into physical contact with other people. Going digital also reduces the cutting of trees for printing paper which keeps the environment safe and healthy.

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