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Benefits of short link URL in marketing activities

People use short URLs because they are easier to use, trustworthy, customize, and more memorable than long URLs.

Apart from these benefits, Short Link URL use in many areas of marketing like social media and email marketing. In this article, you will find points on Why you should use a short link URL in marketing activities.

First start with What is it?

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Short link URL is a web service that shortens URLs, providing short nicknames for redirecting long URLs, and translating shortcuts to redirect to long URLs.

Simply put, it’s a “Uncomplicated, “trouble-free” and “straight forward” version of the clumsy long URL.

So the short link URL allows you to shorten long links by just paste the long URL and click the Shorten URL button. On the next screen, copy the short URL and share it on websites, chats, and e-mails.

If you ever get a Facebook message or e-mail that has a very long link with multiple random letters, you know what we’re talking about: sometimes you may not know whether to trust the link or not.

In the current scenario it is possible for users to use the short link More!

Let’s see why use this Short Link URL!

People Use short Link Url in various marketing activities.


Shorter URL can actually be useful in a variety of contexts:

1. Encourage social participation : –

One of the primary goals of corporate social strategies is to promote social participation.

  • In the short link URL, we can customize every part of the link.
  • Profile – Use short links for social profiles.
  • Radio – Use short links for radio and podcasts.
  • Use short links to increase traffic re-direct from social media.

2. Increase click through rate (CTA) : –

Since CTR is that the number of clicks your ad receives, it’s divided by the amount of times your link is shown.

You can get CTR through some channels: social network posts, email marketing campaigns, paid advertising campaigns. Wherever you add a link, you want to convince customers to click there on.

To increase the CTR:

  • Use only the branded domain.
  • Use keywords within the URL slug.
  • The search specializes in the precise step that folks are checking out.

Remember : the less, the higher.

The short link URL tries to use quite 10 characters. About the number of words: The more words within the name, the less valuable it’s.

3. Build Brand Visibility :-

Short URLs can also create brand visibility –

  1. Engage yourself together with your current audience as quickly as possible.
  2. In modern SEO, short links increase the authority of the page and improve its SEO value.

4. Short link analytics

When the buffer lowers it, the tool adds those Google Analytics tracking codes to the link. When your link content is live, your audience will only see the short link, but once they click thereon, they’re going to be taken to the tagged URL!

5. Easily manageable :-

The main and foremost advantage of a Short link is that it’s small, neat, and clean and may be easily communicated and accessed without error. At a really low level, it obscures the URL’s destination, although it is often easily found.

It is often beneficial, unfavorable or irrelevant. a Short link that expires or expires has some security benefits.

Tools help us to create a short link URL

1. Snip.ly

Snip.ly not only shortens the link but also allows you to feature a call-to-action pop-up that leads back to your own website and allows you to feature a message before the link. E.g. ‘Tap here‘.

Create a snip by entering a link to the post, then add your website’s call-to-action link with the link text and therefore the message you would like to display within the pop-up and your call-to-action button is going to be created.

2. bl.ink

  • BLINK may be a URL abbreviation that allows you to Manage, monitor, and measure every branded link
  • BL.INK helps individuals and businesses increase their digital presence.
  • BLINK reports or integrates with web analytics tools like Google and Adobe
  • Self-service doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality or simple use.
  • BLINK Platform empowers teams to sort, automate, standardize and resolve highly regulated challenges.

3. T2M url shortener

Turning an attention-grabbing URL into a Short link is one thing, but using it to your brand’s advantage is sort of another.

Fortunately, T2M possesses it beat its unique platform. Whether you’re looking to showcase your domain, create vanity links, or configure your redirects, make certain to offer it a try.

The features of T2M go far beyond those of a standard online link shortener. It allows you to fine-tune everything to foster your branding efforts.

They even have a fanatical instance option, among other plans (Basic, Standard, Pro, and Premium), in order that you’ll make the foremost of server scalability and personalized URL management.

Nothing Is Cooler and More Attractive Than A Fast and Quick Response”

Yes, you’re right We’re talking About “MEAU”.

4. MEAU url shortener

MEAU provides a URL shortening service with a custom links service. With our custom URL shortener, we will prove that we simply do care about your security. MEAU Short link also allows you to choose access controls for your short link. Access controls that are:

a) Private: your short link created with meau can’t be accessed by anyone other than you.

b) Protected: if you choose your link in protected condition then the link can only be accessed by the viewer only when you provide the access to the viewer. If anyone wants to access your private links, they have to send you access requests.

c) Public: your short link in public mode can freely accessible by every viewer who is visiting your profile.

When all of your links are neat and tidy. Plus, once you use MEAU to form short URLs, you usually have a plethora of customization and tracking options at hand.

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