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What is Digital Business card and How to get it?

A Digital Business card or electronic business card is used to share your brand’s or company’s information with potential clients over the phone. It helps to maximize your online presence and increase business opportunities. It helps to connect with your potential clients, partners, and co-workers. 

These digital visiting cards are cost-friendly compared to traditional paper visiting cards and can be created easily on iPhone, Android, or computers. They are an effective marketing tool.

The main point is to create a single, simple, and shareable file that contains all your business and contact details.

In the last 400 years, we are only using paper for printing business cards. Paper comes from wood. Over 88% of the business cards are being thrown away after interacting with the company. So, why not go digital and create an attractive and professional impression?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using digital business cards. This article will help you understand the same.

Benefits of Using Electronic Business Cards

Digital business cards narrate the story of your brand. E-business cards describe the theme and tell a story behind the brand every time someone sees it. 


With digital business cards, you can easily store all the information like your contacts, connections, social media accounts, and much more. You can add videos, audios, and different branded graphics to your electronic business cards. These visual elements help to attract viewers. 

These cards are cost-effective as it helps to save the printing cost. Unlike printed business cards, here you only need one card that you can share with everyone. 

These cards automatically save the contact information, name, number, email address of people with whom you share your e-business card. 

You can update any information easily. If you have changed your head office, you can easily update this information on the e-business card. But in the case of paper visiting cards, you need to spend on printing the cards again. 

As it all online, you can easily send and receive cards over the internet. Distance does not matter. 

Digital business cards are eco-friendly. So start using them. Save Trees, Save Mother Earth.

With all the advantages, these digital business cards also have a few disadvantages.

The Disadvantages of Digital Business Cards

It is essential to have working internet to share and receive a business card online with your clients. It is of no use if the internet doesn’t work properly. 

You need to make use of the designs that are already available. In digital cards, you cannot add your theme or create art with your imagination.

At times, many people use image blocking features in their email due to security issues. It can block your digital business card too. 

It is sometimes tough to create an impression on the client with these digital cards. So, they are less memorable.

How to make a Digital business card

You can create your card in a simple, convenient, and reliable way with MEAU. To do this you need to complete the 5 steps to get an elegant card.

  1. Sign-up and create your account.

    First, On sign up, you need to add basic info like email and phone number for authorization. Next, You will add your username which is unique to your link ( https://meau.in/username ).

  2. Create you card – Add links, basic details, videos,
    and additional info.

    To create a card you can add all your basic details like Profile name, Tag, Headline, email, phone number in the My DETAILS section and all social, professional, and personal links in the My LINK section.

  3. Share you digital business card as a single link with snippet.

    To share a digital business card, you only need to copy your vanity URL which will contain all your information. You can also share your unique QR code without downloading the app.

  4. Check the updated digital business card of your team.

    Build your strong team and get their updated business card with MY CORPORATE section.

  5. Follow-up and notification.

    Get notification If someone sees or visits your card.


Exchanging your business information with your potential clients will help you create new connections with the help of Digital Business Cards will save a lot of time, and energy. It will also save your business card from going into the trash.

Many digital companies provide digital business card facilities to help your business grow. 

So why are you waiting? Start creating your electronic visiting card with Meau. We provide you with different options for designing your business card. All you need to do is, log in to Meau, choose from the various templates available, and add all your business information. Tada, your e-business card is ready! 

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