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MEAU (digital business docket) – why switch to meau?

MEAU – Digital Business Docket

MEAU stands for Me App URL. It is a platform where one can create his/her own E-portfolio. As this is a pandemic situation, physical contact is being avoided and most of the things are taking place digitally. Taking advantage of the situation our team has launched this product which addresses the current loopholes in most E-portfolio making websites.

So, coming to MEAU, let’s talk about the product first. To make things simple, let’s take an example. Consider a professional programmer going for a job interview. He has to carry his mark sheets, certificates, project details, and professional profile links such as LinkedIn, Hackerrank, CodeChef, Github, etc. To organize these things in a short time is not an easy task, so MEAU provides all these things on a single link. Consider taking a look at the links below, this is how your profiles will look like:



But now one might wonder that there are other platforms as well which do the same thing, but here comes the crux of MEAU. We provide access control to your links, i.e. now you will decide that who will see your links. Let me explain how access control works.

There are 3 types of access controls in MEAU:

MEAU Provide access control to your links with three option - Public, Protected, and Private.
MEAU Provides access control of your links with three option – Public, Protected, and Private.
  1. Public: If you keep your link public, your link would be visible to anyone. In other words, make those links public about which you don’t care that who sees them.
  2. Protected: Protected links are only visible to genuine MEAU users. In simpler words, if you want to keep track who views your link and how many times, then you should make your link protected.
  3. Private: Private links are only visible to users to whom you have given access to. To explain it in a simpler manner, one can only see your private link if you allow him to, otherwise not.

This method addresses most of our problems, but then there is one another problem. There might be a case where you want your office colleague may view your LinkedIn profile, but not your Instagram profile. Or your neighbor may see your Facebook account, but you want that he shouldn’t see your GitHub account. To address these issues, we bring you link profiles.

There are 3 types of link profiles in MEAU:

  1. Social: Add your social media links here. Example – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  2. Professional: Add your professional links here. Example – LinkedIn, Github, Codechef
  3. Personal: Any link that you want to keep of a personal profile. Example – personal contact information (phone number, emails)

So now you are familiar with access controls and link profiles, let me give you an example of how MEAU will work finally. Consider your HR manager wants to see your Instagram profile, then you will grant him your social access. And if your office colleague wants your personal and social information then you will give him your social and personal access. By doing this he won’t be able to see your professional links.

This is how MEAU is better than many other platforms that offer you to make your digital E-portfolio. In the next post, we will talk about other fantastic features of MEAU, which will make your life easier to manage while keeping your privacy intact.

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