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Why using digital business cards is the best option available

Standard business processes are rapidly changing, in many ways for the better. The latest technology
offers convenience and enhances workflow that is reshaping business and altering the communications we need.

When we meet a client or partner, we add them to our phones and exchange emails and social media accounts. So, given all these enhanced communications of the 21st century: Do we still need business cards? Is this long-standing tradition of business slowly fading away?

I would say YES. Business cards have forever been a necessity for a professional, serving as a rite of passage for a businessman’s entry into the marketplace, and a professional takeaway impression.


But that doesn’t mean that you should use the old business card method. Switch to the digital world. Save time, save money, and save paper.

Business meetings are probably one of the silliest uses for business cards today A card typically includes an individual’s email, phone, address, and website. So if you want to have a meeting, you can schedule it via phone and you will be having their emails already.

So business cards are none other then wastage of papers. If you are a small startup trying to rub elbows with the elite, then, investing in business cards just to look prepared at meetings could be worth it. Otherwise, you would be safe forgoing the formality and saving the paper.

Contact information for the executives you want to reach is readily available, typically via a standard email format. It takes only a few guesses to find the correct address. So, if you are trying to connect with a busy executive or thought leader, use those few minutes you have to grab his or her attention. Converse instead of occupying this person’s time with trivial contact details.

Guessing what someone’s email is isn’t the only option for connecting with the desired contact. LinkedIn, Meau, and other social media are great resources; you can use these platforms to remind the person of your conversations and propose a reason why you should connect further.

The takeaway is that business cards should only be a supplement to networking. Even if you opt-in for a creative card, it will not provide much of a return unless you take the initiative to follow-up with the contact and engage with him or her beyond your contact details.

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